Lucky Strike was fun!!! I started off dinner @ Honda Ya in Jtown with an old friend and a new friend. Dinner was very yummy!

1st 2 that came out. I was too busy eating, I forgot to take more pics.

We decided to carpool to LS so I dropped my car off @ Orsini & pick up my Ciroc bottle I had left @ my cousin’s!

LA Live was nice. I can’t imagine how crazy it would be if it was packed! Never going there again though. Its a different version of the Grove. I don’t like places where there are a lot of people.

Here are the pics from LS compliments of JANET…. Thanks!

Girls & Q

Just the Girls!

I don’t know what I was trying to do!

me & Hana

The total score

I got the highest score but I didn’t even really bowl. LOL People bowled for me cause I was all over the place!

Remember the hat story from last weekend? I”m the MAD HATTER. I came up on another hat. Now I have 2 that I have to return. lol

(Left one from last saturday and right one from last night)

Right before falling asleep

I woke up feeling sick…. I wanted to eat pho or tofu village. But before eating, I had to go with my cousin to get a haircut and shave.

I wanted to take a pic of P with the lady working on him but when I took it, the bitch stepped back. DON’t worry lady! I don’t wanna take a pic of you! Just of you working!

So I had to take one from far away with my zoom option!

Now shes washing his face. Looks weird though.

We had lunch @ Tofu Village, my favorite Tofu House

And they have an ice cream machine!

Now I’m finally home, gonna nap, DO jim and go to work.

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