Hiiiiiiiiiii! I’d like to introduce you to my new boyfriend…

I think I’m fully ready to commit. You’ve all heard me talk about him. Jim.

I have to treat it like a real relationship. I have to see him everyday. I know I’ve been partially committed since March 2008, but I haven’t been truthful. He doesn’t like me eating junk foods and I’ve been. I just can’t get myself to control myself when my sweet craving attacks. =(

Now I’m serious. I’m not going to cheat. (crossing fingers)

I won’t even hang out with friends, unless I see JIM. I can get myself to wake up earlier to visit him before I start the day. But what does he do for me? …..

…oh yeah, I could potentially look like this:

Also my wall paper on my phone =) motivation to do JIM. Jessica Burciaga? (not sure on spelling and don’t care to check.)

ok, I’m not in the writing mode anymore…

oh next subject of my blog…. “what hair products do you use?”

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