Saturday after work (so sunday)

Quickly, cause I want to watch Mad Men. =)

Had dinner @ Roy’s…. I was actually impressed this time with their food. Been there twice. Once in NB and the other in DTLA. Wait actually 3 times. Twice in DTLA. LOL to think about who I’ve been there with.

I was torn between the Butterfish and Scallops. I always check the menu before I go somewhere (if available) and on the net, it said the scallops came with risotto. It didn’t during dinner but I decided to get it anyway. FF was getting the butterfish.

It was delightful….. Obviously cause I finished it… Perfect portions too.

Oh and a spare rib off of Birthday boy’s meal. The weirdest part of the night, I sat in between FF and the birthday boy. They didn’t mind and I guess I didn’t if they didn’t. But I would want to sit next to my bf. LOL Maybe they trust each other that much? I don’t know.

Ok, so work was busy and I’ll be vityl this weekend. =)

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