I went to Ty’s TKD class again on Thursday! Lucky me, it was sparring day, so I got to see him in his sparring gear!

I feel like I’m finally finding a balance.

Today, (Friday evening, technically Saturday morning) I had 2 auditions. My first one was at 2pm, so I set my alarm to go do JIM before…. but I didn’t. I even packed my stuff so I can change before I go to work, but I left it at home. So after hanging out with my cousins after my audition, I had to go back and grab my bag. I was also planning on stopping by a friend’s get together before it actually started, but I couldn’t go. Since I had the early shift tonight.

Ok, so the 1st audition and 2nd audition were similar. They were both characters that had been kidnapped and used for prostitution. I feel like I did well. But I won’t know till next week.

The 1st one was a student film @ USC. About 2 sisters that were separated at birth. A true story. I also requested to see the whole script, so I even dressed the part. She was wearing long shorts so I wore my old Da-Nang linen shorts & a deep v-neck.

I looked bummy. I went to my 2nd audition like that too. When I arrived and saw the sign in sheet, I recognized the girl’s name above me. I had worked with her @ the UFC promo job in Arcadia a month or so back. She’s a cute little girl! I was so excited in a way, always good to see a familiar face. After seeing her, I felt like I should’ve dressed up a little bit.

During the 2nd audition, I was asked to answer questions being asked to me as if the character would. She doesn’t have much dialogue so they wanted me to improvise with the little information they gave me. I caught myself using the knowledge I got from the script from my 1st audition. They were also Koreans.

Last time, I memorized the script and I still got nervous. This time, I studied the script and expressed more with my emotions. I found the balance. Ugh, typing doesn’t allow me to show you guy exactly how I feel. I had a great day!!!! (minus my work).

The pictures of me were taken on western blvd. @ the car wash across from 1<3sofa. east side of western. I also noticed their street address on the curb. Quite bold!

oh and I’m noticing that I’m taking pictures from a certain angle. I DO NOT want to be that girl where she only looks good from ONE angle.

Time to switch it up!

ok time to FINALLY finish MAD MEN season 1 disc 2. My 3rd attempt!

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