forgot to add

the pictures to my dinner on Friday night!

All I had was my shake and pb sammy before heading out to LA. And after all my auditions and running around town with my cousin P, we went to eat Mr. Pizza after. I really really love their crust. It’s filled with sweet potato!

Thank got the bread sticks were stale cause I didn’t fill up on it.

We got the sampler platter and got some asian salad as “service”

We only ordered the pizza and sampler, P’s fat ass wanted the pasta too! And because my cousin and I know the manager, he gave us these bread stick looking things that’s filled with the sweet potato and the salad.

We had first asked if the kitchen could make us a “special pizza with just the crust and the filling, but he mentioned they had the bread stick thingies, so he said he’ll let us try. Didn’t think he was going to get us the whole order! The bread stick thingies weren’t that great though. They didn’t use the same dough, nor did they prepare it the same. The outside bread part was to hard. =)


Thank god work was busy today! Time went by fast and I had fun! Although I ended up missing all sorts of alcohol!

First a customer bought me a shot of yack label. Then these 2 girls ordered 2 malibu rums and didn’t have money to pay for them. So I took them back and my co worker and I drank it. Then an acquaintance came by and got me 2 shots of yack again. I saw acquaintance because we’ve seen each other maybe a handful of times. I felt sick when we were cleaning up, so I went to the bathroom and made myself throw up. LOL

The 3rd bartender that was suppose to work canceled last minute because of a job in Greece! I wish I was getting flown across the world for jobs!

We managed to handle the bar between the 4 of of. 2 bartenders, 1 cashier and 1 bar back.

I went to go eat Piper’s after work today. I didn’t take any pictures because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to disclose that with all of you. But I am, and I did eat and yes, I’m fat.

It’s 4:26am and I should be sleeping, but I think I’ll go watch Nip/Tuck! =)

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