busy thursday

I had work in OC today @ 1pm. Had lunch with a friend and cousin @ Panera. I’ve never been there and my cousin has been ranting about the place since he first moved in. I’ve had sandwiches he’s brought home but not right from the kitchen. I got the Bacon Turkey Bravo half sammy with a cup of broccoli cheddar!

I also got a new laptop today. One with a camera attached. So now I’ll be able to video chat late at night in my bed!

I went to Mr. Pizza last week and loved their bathroom. Here’s a pic!

I just got back from doing JIM and now I gotta get ready for an event @ Cercle!!!!!

I have a busy busy weekend ahead too!

Tomorrow I have an audition and wedding rehearsal and work in the evening. Saturday all day is the wedding and work after the wedding!

Can’t wait!

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