I must thank the promoters who threw the event @ my club last night! It was the best night EVER! The bar was packed with thirsty patrons looking to meet the opposite sex and in hopes to take them home.

I was able to give my friends some free shots since it was so busy. I know that when I see my friends and it’s slow, there’s nothing I can do to “hook” them up since the manager is on my back. On a night like yesterday’s, I’m able to give a little.

I had a lot of fun working and seeing faces that make me smile.

I will also confess that I had a big mac. It was so tasty! Everything was still warm, cheese was melting on the side of the bun, their “secret” sauce was dripping off the sides. Even the lettuce was crisp. The meat was perfectly cooked, not rubbery but juicy. I had planned on eating only 1/2, but I was STARVING! I came home @ 4:30am and didn’t go right to bed. I watched the last disc for Season 1 and played with my new laptop.

I couldn’t figure out why the wireless wasn’t connecting. It took me forever! I followed directions and plugged whatever I needed to but it didn’t work. I even entered the pw that was set to access the wireless connection, but nothing. After trying every possible way, I decided it was time to go to bed. I looked @ the time and it was 6am.

I woke up, did JIM as hard as I usually do on a Friday. Now I’m sitting here explaining to you what I did, when I should be getting ready for the wedding rehearsal.

I’ll be @ the club again tonight.

Oh Oh OH! A weird white man was at the bar. He asked me where he could find Violet. I said, And who are you? And he replied, Someone (or some girl) wants to say Hi. Sorry don’t remember what he said. One of those 2. LOL I just ignored him. Stalker #????

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