NYC recap.

I’m sorry. Not this time.

I got back Tuesday. Came straight home, picked up my court papers and went to court. I felt like I missed so much while I was gone and to top it all off, I lost my cell. But that’s another time, like I said.
I did laundry today and got irritated when I saw the shirt I REALLY wanted to wear but didn’t have a chance to in NYC.

I noticed I have these little tendencies. I always want to save the new or the ones that I REALLY like for the “better” time. And it gets to be years when I finally do wear it. I got this shirt about a month ago, I think. *damn memory*

I’ve also caught this horrible cold. My nose is so stuffy and supposedly I have a fever. (my motherly co-worker told me)

Back to the point. What I was thinking about as I was putting away my clothes after doing laundry.

I was putting my intimates away and remembered coming across a picture of a girl standing next to her drawer full of bras. Pantone colored bras. DJ Tribe or something? I don’t know some DJ. She was cute, I guess, but not my type. And I wouldn’t want to be associated with guys that are attracted to that type either. But she’s not the point. I can’t imagine having that many bras. I thought I had a lot now but comparing her drawer to mine, I have nothing. Maybe I thought of that picture because I saw the person that reminded me of that picture.

I also got my package from my FAVORITE store online. I should’ve gotten cold medicine. L Here is what I ordered…

So I’m really really loving having a laptop in bed. Right now I have “Hairspray” the movie playing in the background.

I had to take a shower in my old bathroom today. I’ve been using the shower in the master bedroom this whole time and I’ve gotten accustomed to feeling comfortable there. Before stepping into the shower I watered the walls down. I even killed a spider that was above the head level. I even made sure he died! Even when I was washing my hair and body, I tried very hard not to touch the walls. I vaguely remember how perfectly squared it was. Definitely a lot smaller than what I’ve been showering in.

I saw a friend I haven’t seen in a while and I couldn’t believe how great he looked. I came straight home to do JIM. I changed it up a bit. I went back to my stairmaster. Oh that reminds me…. First guy @ JIM to talk to me. I’ve never had a random guy talk to me. I have my trainer friends and one other guy, but that’s it. Either, he has balls of steel or I look so fat and ugly that he thought he would have a chance with me. I think it’s the 2nd part.

BUT anyways, I will be rotating my cardio machines, 3xs stairmaster, 2xs treadmill, 2xs elliptical. That equals to doing JIM 7xs a week. Maybe that’s too much. I’ll try 6xs a day and see how it goes. It’s also time to start getting strict on my eating habits too. After NYC I told myself I’d do JIM everyday and eat healthier.

So if you feel like I repeat a lot in my entries, I apologize. Think of it as a way to keep the newcomers informed. I don’t remember what I’ve written in the past.

I actually like not having a phone. I enjoy the preparation and scheduling. Maybe subconsciously I like the fact that when a plan is made, it can’t be cancelled, unless fully confirmed.
Although I had 2 incidents where I needed a cell.

1st time: Audition in Studio City. I didn’t know which unit bell to ring and I waited till a girl came out of her audition from the building. I waited about 15minutes in the cold while holding the paper with number to the contact.

2nd time: I had planned on stopping by my the newlywed’s place. I was instructed to enter the code to enter. I assumed it to be the front entrance of the building so I parked in the guest parking area and walked out to the street and approached the entrance. The keypad was broken and the door was locked. I kept pushing the code and it wouldn’t work; I even called their unit but the buttons weren’t reading. I got frustrated and started pushing everything on the keypad. It stated to dial a number. They didn’t answer. That happened about 5 more times and to my luck, NO ONE answered. I was tempted to ask some people walking on the street to use their cell, but I didn’t even know their numbers. I wanted a cigarette at that moment but I didn’t have any. *trying to quit*

I even thought maybe they would get worried and she would send her husband to come down, just in case. But it didn’t happen. Thankfully after what seemed like a lifetime a young girl came out and I felt relieved. I even thought about going to their parents house couple blocks west to use their phone. LOL

When I got in I realized the code needed to be used on the elevator. And that’s when I decided to open the door next to it and saw that it lead to the garage. I felt stupid now because I even drove my car around the lot to see where I could park the closest. I saw the sign for the elevator but it looked like I needed a key to access that door.

I finally found their place and was fed a delicious spaghetti dinner.
Wow it’s 2:37am, I have another long weekend…. Back to reality.

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