I put up the quote and horoscope as bait. AND guess what, he bit.

i did it as a test, cause earlier on in the day I had put my horoscope up from another site and he made an innuendo as if he should be the online cutie. Well, he is one character.

I am chossing to write about this situation because I’ve had enough and I don’t care to spare his feelings. I’ve said it over and over again that he was being too pushy. I even told him I didn’t want a boyfriend. I like the fact that we get along disgustingly well. Well when it’s the two of us. The one night we hung out @ club with his friend and his wife. Everytime they hugged and kissed, he wanted to do the same. Everytime I’d look at my phone he’s give me dirty looks. As I’m dancing and a guy would be near, he would dance closer. BASICALLY he was getting possesive and I was getting disgusted.

Ok, no more. Wait, 1 more story.

He kept offering to get me a phone. It was a very thoughtful gesture. But when I have to say NO more than 5 times, IT’S an annoying gesture. He will read this entry and think I’m a bitch, but I told him, I DO NOT WANT A BOYFRIEND. Although there are 2 clauses. (I knew what it meant, but I still had to look it up (;)

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