diet food.

I’ve been doing 50 minutes of cardio the past 2 days. I’ve never sweated so much in my life. Pictured above is my lunch/dinner. Looks disgusting? Looks are deceiving. I seem to have a skill of finding weird things to mix up to eat as my “diet” food. 1 canned tuna and half a can of whole corn. Obviously, I had to put some siracha in it because I love spicy things!

It does look unappetizing and my friend even looked disgusted when I was preparing it, but it doesn’t taste bad.

But then again, it’s my will power to want to lose weight fast.

I started doing JIM religiously last March and it’s really sad to see that there has not been ANY changes in my body. I think it got worst actually. No more BSing around. I have to get rid of my belly!!!!!

I will soon take a REAL picture on my body as a “before” shot and after I get to where I want to be, I’ll take an “after” shot.

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