sweet suprise

I was picked up by the cute little creature pictured above when I got into Long Beach airport. My sweet cousin P was kind enough to pick me up amidst all my scheduling conflictions.
I was relieved to be back home and a bit stressed out, but all my stress disappeared when I saw the cute little puppy! It was a friend of my cousin & I who purchased the puppy for his gf or shall I say ex gf. (Long story to why I say ex gf. LOL) My cousin was watching the little white fluff for the day and I had the pleasure of meeting the 2nd cutest puppy ever! 1st cutest doggy is Giselle, P’s Pomeranian! (will try to find pic.)
After bothering the puppy to death, he/she *forgot the sex already, shows how much I really care :)* walked over to the middle console and fell asleep on top of the gear box. I took the opportunity to take the cutest picture of the puppy!!!
I only like small dogs. If the dog stays tiny forever, I may change my mind of having a pet. Actually just kidding. I don’t want to take care of it. I think I mentioned this before. I’ll only have a pet if I have a nanny for it. And I don’t mean it literally, just someone to take care of all the annoying duties as a pet owner. I just want to play with it and take it everywhere so everyone will comment on how cute the dog is.

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