Club pictures

I always love to skim through party pictures. Lighting is ALWAYS horrible and no one EVER comes out good in them.

I WAS going to start an anonymous blog and make fun or gossip about the “asian” nightlife in LA but I’ll just make fun on this one. 🙂

I always view the pictures in album view instead of going through each picture one by one. I can only take so much ugly faces in a time period. I click on the picture if I come across something that makes me wonder what the full size would look like. The reason why I clicked on the first picture shown is because the short blonde hair caught my attention. I thought it was a white girl and didn’t even notice Sasha Singleton until I realized the blonde girl was asian. I thought the blonde was cute until I saw the original size. Too trashy for my taste. On the other hand, Sasha is gorgeous. The only import model/gogo dancer I think is beautiful. She also didn’t need to get a boob job, she was doing well for herself before it. Now she looks like every other asian gogo/import chick. And the guy, everyone seems to know who he is, KALI. I guess he was at the perfect place at the perfect time by getting in this picture. I would have no reason to mention him in any of my blogs, but since he happens to be in the photo, I guess I could give him a shout out.

The 2nd picture I posted because that’s the girl that wanted to fight me. (If my memory serves me correctly) I forget her name, but something to do with a guy I dated in the past. She was his ex gf or something and she didn’t like me. I can’t believe I even dated a guy who likes a girl that looks like her! Damn… the decisions we make when we’re young!

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