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I was driving back home after the gas station and saw a couple sitting at a bus bench all cuddled up. Sitting perfectly in the middle. At first glance I thought it was a bum but as I turned I saw that it was a young couple. I immediately assumed it was a latin couple and came to the conclusion that THAT is the reason why they are so passionate. *remember, this is just my opinion* They aren’t spoiled by the excessive lifestyle and the things they do may bring them closer in a sense. I’m used to accepting things as a form of love. I remember when I convinced myself that that wasn’t, what I wanted. But living my life for several years now and going from 100% to 2%, I know this isn’t what I want either. I want both. They do things that don’t cost money and sitting in a bench, holding each other in the cold wrapped up in each other’s arms connects them. Watching the cars drive by. It was in the evening too.

Sorrry to cut this short… lol I gotta go. Gonna go bowling now. BUT come back now! I have few videos I made!

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