Chicken Breast, Corn & Broken GLass

was what I ate for lunch. I did NOT know that you couldn’t microwave glass! I just recently found out about aluminum foil and I had to experience the glass to know.

I still ate what was in my bowl. I just put the food on the plate and finished heating it up. I am a good house exwife, but little things like this, I DON’T KNOW. How does that make me a good house ex-wife? I cook, clean and do everything else. 🙂

That was the piece that broke off. I didn’t see any small pieces of glass and since one whole piece just broke off I didn’t think it would do any harm in eating the food.

I just finished eating and I feel a slight discomfort. I feel like something is poking me inside my body. Well, maybe it’s just my imagination. 🙂

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