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I was on my friend’s page and 1 of his 6 friends featured on the side bar caught my eye. *Remember folks, when I talk about pretty girls, it’s not because I’m a carpet muncher. I’m too boy crazy and I can’t imagine myself being in a relationship with a girl. I enjoy being around physical beauty.*

So back to the girl. Lucky you I attached a picture. She’s cute, right? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Kim. She looks like she might have gotten a nose job. I just have a thing about plastic surgery, so she gets points deducted because of my educated guess. 🙂
So today I helped my mom with her new cell phone and had planned on going to do JIM after. But I didn’t make it. I had to be at work by 1pm and we ended up using 5 or 6 cans of spray paint. I won’t say what we used it for, but it was hard work. Thank god I had taken my 2 hard boiled eggs and my packet of almonds with me. LOL I didn’t offer anyone the eggs because no one really offers hard boiled eggs to others. My packet of almonds I did offer. One guy and the bar manager, O. She’s a fobby chubby lady who has never been married. Now that I think about it, her size is about the same as my old manager, S. Well anyway, O gets annoying at times. What’s funny is, I thought I was a horrible person for thinking that because she’s very cordial. But when we were working hard, we were having a disagreement and I noticed the guy making a face at me to let it go. So I did, even though I was right.
So I offered her the almonds after the guy and as she’s grabbing it, she knocks it over. OMG I was so irritated because she’s so clumsy as well! She’s like a 9 year old girl. She always talks about things that she doesn’t really know about and acts as if she does. And when you correct her, she doesn’t acknowledge that you did and acts as if she already knew.
Ok so after work, I glided thru the freeway and had my broken glass incident. I hung out for a bit and went to do JIM.
I purchased personal training sessions for a year and hadn’t used up all my sessions. I started out with J in the afternoons (my favorite time to do JIM). When I had to change to mornings, I went to R who I did NOT like. He was always checking his phone, sending and receiving texts. When I moved to LA, I didn’t go and my year had ran up with sessions I couldn’t use. When I finally decided to go back to doing JIM I asked, if it was possible to use the sessions that expired. They allowed and I had T. I liked her too. Right before I fell off doing JIM in LA, I remember T telling me that a guy had asked about me. I was always curious to find out what he looked like, but I didn’t get a chance to. Guys were more aggressive there.
So just last week, I asked my 1st trainer J if I could use the sessions, he asked corporate and they allowed it! I have 7 sessions left and I set up my 1st session this week! I’ll probably use it up in 2 weeks. I get nervous using the machines by myself.
Oh and how could I forget the trainer I met who was the best looking-non famous guy I’ve ever came across. I never trained with him, wish I did though. I love my eye candy! He was J too.
I can’t believe I’m doing 45-50 minutes of cardio each time I go do JIM. I love my JIM.
I stopped by the bank and got cigs on the way home. My 2nd time getting Camel Crush. The 1st time I got it because the gas station near my house didn’t have it. I got it again because I like have both options, non-menthol & menthol. It’s a bit strong for me though.
Oh god, I have Nip/Tuck Season 4 disc 1 in the background and a song reminds me of an incident. Which I won’t go into.
I’m going to watch the rest of the dvd, and go to bed now.
Good Night!

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