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I had a job today which paid me $100.00 (I mention the monetary reason first because that’s the main reason I went).

I felt shitty at the end of my day. I keep reminding myself to look as slutty as I can to these hip hop events and I keep forgetting. So today, I forgot to dress slutty and put fake lashes (the ones you glue) on and I got NO attention. I felt a little cheap after I got paid too! Am I hating? I don’t think I am, LOL.

I ran into Angie, a friend that I met on the set of College Years in Santa Clarita back in December. (That’s the set I met my actor friend too!) Angie was also at the audition last Friday. It’s always great to see a familiar face when I go to these places.

I also recorded couple videos of Busta’s performance. I was placed at the bar and he ended up performing on the bar! He rapped 2 songs and overall, it was great entertainment.

I even got in trouble for using my cell to take pictures and videos. It was written on the email that cell phones weren’t allowed on set but I took it anyway since I knew I would be bored. (Things you learn through the road of work). Everyone else brought it and started taking pictures way before I even pulled it out. A guy from production came through the crowd and scolded everyone and told us to delete it. I got scared after that so I put it away for a while!

I also got to see a female performer. The one who sings “Turnin’ Me On.” Kyson Terry? Something like that.

I also took carrot sticks with me to eat knowing that they wouldn’t have anything healthy to eat but I was really hungry so I had 1 slice of pizza. It was cut in squares so it wasn’t that big. AND it was NY style, thin crust and 1 pepperoni. I didn’t get to see where it was from, but I remember the pizza box being HUGE. I might have seen a “Mama’s & Papa’s?” I’m not sure.

At the end of the day, I was waiting for my new friend Loraine and Angie in the parking lot. A guy approached me and tried to hit on me. Loraine walked up and he immediately jumped on her. She just moved here from Amsterdam and he said Snoop would love to meet her. I knew exactly what kind it would be. He told both of us to come and lead us to an RV. He pushed Loraine to go up the mini ladder when I said, “I gotta go.” As Loraine walked away towards me, the RV door had opened and a bunch of girls and Snoop & his crew were all smoking up a storm and drinking. I didn’t really care about meeting Snoop. I like his music, but that’s about it. I’m not about to become a victim of male celebrities thinking they can take advantage of girls.

So I feel really guilty about the slice of pizza and the 6 pcs. of chocolate covered almonds.

I’ve had the almonds since Sunday. I haven’t ANY until today. Hmmm. I thought it was longer than 2 days, but anywho, I DIDN’T finish the box!

But I wanted to! These are the best tasting chocolate covered almonds!!!! Well, the ones that my hubby gave me that Girl Scouts carry were the best, but they’re seasonal.
Even when I was taking the picture with the box, I could smell the chocolate. OMG I couldn’t resist. I just had one and I’m going to have 1 more! Now that’s 8 pcs. today! I want more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I should go to bed now so I can wake up early and go do JIM before I go to work. DAMN this diet is hard!
My DAY 2 belly tomorrow!

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