so….this is what’s going on.

I hate it when I feel like blogging is a chore… (that’s where I’ll begin).

I open up my browser and come straight to the posting page.

I don’t even remember what I blogged about the last time.

Work @ the club was fun but not financially beneficial. Well, I got my paycheck, so that was good.
I started work @ Z in Fullerton! It wasn’t busy but I made what I spent today in tips and hourly, so I’m happy!

I didn’t realized how tired I was getting @ work tonight. Maybe it was all the food I had at my hubby’s.
She cooked us a very tasty meal. Might not sound appetizing, but it certainly was delicious!
KIMCHI pasta!
The red one to the left was the one with tomato sauce. Spinach salad with cheese crumbs and fresh pomegranate. The top bowl is the kimch pasta with alfredo sauce.
My fat ass brought over dessert…
And of course my fat ass got a dozen and I ate 3.
I forgot to put back the memory card into my camera so I took pictures without saving them. Well it is on my camera but I’m on my laptop and I don’t have the plug on me.
Also my baby had a competition this weekend in Vegas! I was able to get a picture of T!
I guess it is annoying that N didn’t ask me to go. At least when T was living with me and he had a performance @ school, I invited N.
I was looking at another photo of T in Vegas and noticed his eyes. People have asked me if he was cross eyed. I was assured he wasn’t when we took him to the eye specialist. He confirmed that his nose bridge is non-existent because his face is still developing and that when his bridge forms the skin between his eyes would pull closer. It looks like he is but he isn’t.
Now I’m scared that he will be because……
(please don’t think I’m mean, I was young lol)
My mom had a friend who she helped move her family to the U.S. She had a daughter exactly my age and she was a little slow. I never really liked A’s mom. I thought she was bitchy and snobby for NO reason. Sounds like me sometimes 😉 I was always forced to play with her and I didn’t like the pressure. I guess it was resentment. (Ugh I hate that word, that ruins EVERYTHING!) But anyways, aside from being a little slow, one of A’s eye’s were cross eyed.
AND now I have this horrible feeling that my son’s eye is going to be like hers!
I thought this would be the end of my blog (even though I didn’t know this was going to be the end subject) but I had one more picture I had to share….
I can’t wait to taste this champagne. I never enjoyed champagne before my trip to NY but now I love it!
Oh I promise NY trip details coming soon…..

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