i picked up my little booger from his dad this morning and drove straight to the local library near our house. They have a Preschool Story Time every Tuesday so I decided that it would be a great idea for Tyler to go and have some fun.
We got there a little early so we played with puzzles until the rest of the kids arrived.
Today’s topic was kites. The lady read 4 books that had to do with kites and after we all colored!
They start off by singing, “If you’re happy and you know it…..”
Finally story time!
After story time @ the library we headed out to LA to watch Monsters vs. Aliens in Imax 3-D
On the way, there was a huge accident on the 5 and it was a complete stop!
The pic below is of an SRT-8. I kinda miss that car. I thought it was a piece of shit when I was driving it, but now that I have BOB, I’d much rather be driving the SRT-8

When I got to LA, we left for the theater and my friend had lunch @ the food court.
While he ate Greek Food, I just stared. I was actually mad that I wasn’t able to eat Lawry’s Carvery!

@ the movies, we got T the kid’s pack.

Tyler posing in front of poster!

I found these in the box in our shoe closet. Didn’t even know he had these! Supposedly they’re the Flip Jordans or something.

Now, we’re in bed watching Nim’s Island that I got for him on Netflix.

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