yoga & pilates & crotch rocket

yoga is 17 miles away, pilates is 11 miles away.

I can’t wait to get insurance on my bike! I’m going on a canyon drive Sunday and after, if we have time, we’re going to try on helmets!

I’ve never been so I hope I don’t die. If I do, thanks for nothing! At least I died happy!

anyways, sorry for being a debbie downer (although I know you all wish I would die)!

I’m also going to go look @ ellipticals tomorrow.

Its so hard not to spend money on things I need. I can just do JIM, but it’d be so much more convenient to get my cardio done @ home.

I think I want to be nocturnal.

Come home after work. Blog. Cardio while watching Netflix. Shower. Sheep. Pilates. Yoga. Class/Work.

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