I just read all the comments I’ve gotten on my blog!

I never read them before because I didn’t want it to upset me, but it actually made me laugh.

So funny how people know so little of me and think they know so much.

I just live my life and look forward to accomplishing my goals.

Also, I can talk about the superficial things I want even though it makes me look shallow because I know the difference. It’s one thing if I just wanted all these things to be given to me on a silver platter like how it’s always been, but yes, due to my hardships (my fault, I admit) I know how hard it is to make a dollar and my main focus in life is to do well and take care of T.

Thank you again for all your support/nonsupport!

I just hope that my blog brings you joy/happiness/anger or whatever feeling you get.

You’re not talking shit about me, I’m good at making you talk about me.

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