Another email, well the 2nd one I ever got

Violet Kim

“I’m hard to remember, but impossible to forget”

Sent via bbb….

From: mclovin l
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2009 11:15:52 -0700
To: <>
Subject: EXPOSED

Hello everyone,

This is to clarify some things about Some of you may assume things that it could be a few people or one person that is the one that owns

So lets make this very clear: The following people ARE not the OWNERS of this site in any/way/shape/form.
1. David Hyun
2. Simon Oh
3. Johnny Glam

Another misconception is that GLAM people seem to mysteriously disappearing from Roasts.. Well, there's a simple answer to that solution: was asked to take them down. Now, any of you morons think of that option when you got flamed? Guess not. Boo Hoo.

Now here's the kicker, a lot of you may be VERY curious as to the masterminds of, we all are.
After some intense snooping from some trusted resources, we have uncovered the following about the owners, and below, some of the suspected contributors.

Eugene Kim and Eugene Lee are behind this brain-child.

Eugene Kim
Vice President | Treasurer
Eugene is the co-founder of the web start-up company,  Prior to his internet venture, Eugene was the Director of Operations for the California Market Center – a commercial property serving the Los Angeles fashion industry.  He also worked in the floral industry running his father's business learning more about his father than flowers and better understanding the sacrifices that 1st generation parents make for their children.

Eugene Kim, Partner, ThreadMe Website: <> <>  There are 2 domains hosted on their IP block (

The information on ownership of <>  < <> >  provided is:
network:Auth-Area: <>  <>
network:IP-Network: <>  <>
network:IP-Network-Block: –
network:Organization-Name:Threadme LLC
network:Description-Usage:customer <>  < <> > <>  < <> >
Number: 200710910112 Date Filed: 3/26/2007 Status: active
Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA
6*** A**** AVE
R*****, CA 91***
Agent for Service of Process
6*** A**** AVE
R*****, CA 91***

Office for THREADME.COM <>

Eugene Kim
3*** Wilshire Blvd
City:     Los Angeles
Province/State:     California
Country/Region:     United States
Zip:     90010
Telephone:     1-213-3896541
Fax:     1-213-3894561

Eugene Lee
Region/Specialty: test
Contact Name: test
Los Angeles , CA
Tel: (213) 389 – 6902

Now here is public info you can look up

Here's a curious one — look at this link below,
If you notice, this guy seems to know certain people. Look at his followers. It's very telling, and also brings up more questions.

Also, many of you may have received an email from
1. <>
2. <>
3. <>

Here's an interesting reply to those emails sent out early Monday morning.

Lets just say this. its pretty questionable and wow. What a great, well thought up, and rather brings up more questions than answers.
So let's start with this email origin of that email., that's 3**8 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 205 according to <>  —
Now a quick Google search returns the address for as 3**0 Wilshire Blvd, which is rather close, isn't it?

Don't believe everything you hear or read after this message. There will be a lot of finger pointing, so ask for the hard facts. Ask for links, ask for proof. I have done you the favor of showing you where this comes from.
What diabolical scheme is next? Should we tune in next week for another episode of CSI here?

So everyone, i emplore you to FWD this email out to people that were roasted.

Yours Truly,

Internet Detective.

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