Fw: The posters are now exposed

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Violet Kim

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From: steffy kim
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2009 14:33:26 -0700
To: <>
Subject: The posters are now exposed

If you have been attached to this email, you have been roasted on the, are a promotion group, or are one of the people behind those sneaky posts. I was not able to get emails from all the people that have been roasted so please forward this email to whoever you know that may be interested.
You have seen who owns the site, and I bet you all are wondering who weasels behind all those anonymous posts talking shit about you specifically are?  The fact that they use your names like they might even know you, but its only limited to certain people might lead you to think "hey i might know this person!"
I've finally got confirmation from one of their own roommates friends, who suspected it was them for a long time and asked to use their computer and uncovered 2 people behind the posts who happen to also be friends of the 2 owners that have been uncovered. They use the 'submissions' and 'anonymous' as a decoy to make it seem like the hate on the site is coming from random people, but it has been confirmed that many of the posts are done by a select few losers.
I think these boys were mad because they've never been laid by the girls they roast so they go home, jack off to our pictures and then hate the fact that they can't fuck. you losers shouldn't be fucking with gangster bitches tho cuz bad things happen.
I've done my research and now its time to expose them.
The first loser who is a guy so ugly i wouldn't even touch with gloves on, named Simon Oh. I have been told by his old roomate's friend that he's from Palos Verdes and now lives in Carson (address coming soon if site is not shut down). He claims to be a rapper in a terrible sounding group called the Oddibles. i've never heard of this loser until my close girl uncovered this and after hearing his music i can see why he's so bitter at the world, he sounds so bad that his music makes me hate hip hop music. He's even taken the time to have his own music featured up on the's featured artists under the name 'Surrilla'. My 'source' says that he helped with this site to try and promote himself and if your looking for him to confront him you can find him at a recording studio in LA at 1010 Wilshire in Los Angeles, called Cootie Studios.
The second nerd is an ugly loser as well named David Hyun or you might know him as 'Grinch', who i found out from my source lives in Northridge at almost 30 years old and is from a failing wannabee clothing line called Debtstock. He may deny it, but this is the second time he has been accused of running this site, and ladies you know if you have to accuse a guy twice from cheating that always means he's guilty. i know him and it doesn't surprise me that he would stoop this low but it's extremely fucked up since he's claims to be friends with a lot of the girls and promotion crews he roasts, what a twisted fuck! he's mad that none of us would ever fuck his ugly ass and I never see his broke and tired ass at the club with a girl… poor grinch! from what i hear he claims to be working with korean singer se7en but roasts him on the site too from jealousy, and his attempt at trying to make a career in t-shirts is failing terribly so he's taking his hate out on the world. You can find him at Bleu in Koreatown or at random 'asian' parties drooling over the dancers he can't get any from hehe. (his address will be released)
Theres also one more loser's name and home address that will be released later too.

This is a message to you roastlist boys, if the site is not shut down in the next few days i will be sending boys to bother you and anyone you are spotted with at the addresses i have and all the places you hang out, whether you deny it or not sweeties! and if you guys want to blame someone else, you better tell them that for your personal safety and the safety of your friends and family they need to shut the site down. If you are not worried by this then you don't know the type of guys i fuck but i promise you they gangster enough to crush you dorks 😉 Plus now there are alot more people with alot more dangerous friends that will be looking for you also! YAY!
For all of you that have been looking for the losers on roastlist that would be scared and weaselish enough to hide behind a computer and talk shit, but smile when they see you? you now have the names and faces you were looking for and i hope you run into them around koreatown or la, and YOUR WELCOME 🙂

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