What I expect:

1. haters leaving comments.

2. bb leaving comments as anonymous

3. bb calling me ans asking why I wrote about them pretending that he didn’t read it but someone mentioned it to him.

4. sasha’s friends leaving comments

disclaimer: Everything I write isn’t negative. Remember to leave your comments according to the content.

I haven’t talked to bb in a while. I have no reason to. Although my mail still went to his P.O. Box after I requested a change of address back in August, he never informed me of any mail.

I have no idea what he is doing with it, I hope he’s keeping it aside, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s throwing it away. Or keeping my Architectural Digest Magazines in his house. I was waiting for a court letter regarding a ticket I was trying to fight which I was on my way of winning, but he “said” he never got it and I missed my court date and the case was closed. Gee thanks BB. Aside from that I have no qualms for him. I just hope that he keeps making those monthly payments on the M5 so my credit doesn’t get fucked up. Thank god the lease is over in December and I won’t have that worry over my head. 🙂 Relax people! Yes, I will say, he paid for the down and the monthly. He just couldn’t get the car under his name. Hence, the M5 is registered under me. That reminds me. I remember I found a picture of either the registration or the payment coupon (can’t remember which) in his files on his cpu with the rest of the name covered up minus the B which is the first initial of my legal name. I think he had posted it on Niketalk or something to show that it was under his name or something. But lucky him, my legal name starts with B. Anywho, my point is there are ballers out there who need others to get things in their names because….. who knows why.

I don’t know why I read couple comments from anonymous people saying he talks shit about me? When he makes me think that everything is cool and we’re still friends. Come on now, let’s grow up. If you don’t like me, don’t act like you do. Don’t say one thing and act like another.

Ok, now time for Sasha…

I personally don’t have anything against Sasha. I think she’s gorgeous and I think it’s stupid if her and her friends don’t like me because I used to date BB. I would NEVER get back with him and she shouldn’t worry, cause BB likes to date girls that have a fan following of their own so he can add them to his band wagon. 🙂

I first heard about Sasha when I was in HS. My bf then was in love with her and from what I remember she looks exactly the same since 1999. Wow 10 years ago, times flies!

I remember when I saw that bb was “in a relationship with Sasha” on FB and I was quite surprised to see it. So I bbmed BB and asked if he was dating her. He replied, “She may wanna get her ex jealous.” Ex is referring to Eric from VS. I replied, “oh ok, I was gonna say.”

My reply was…. I don’t know, the only thing I could think of saying because I was so shocked.

Then couple days later, he posted pics “sucker for love” lol yes, you are bb.

I made a comment on one of the pics but later it was deleted. lol

I think I wrote “You guys make a good couple.”

I honestly think they make a good couple. Good looking too. I know, everyone thinks BB is disgusting, but I was actually attracted to his looks. Other girls may think he’s attractive cause he has a style and maybe he smells like money, but I genuinely thought BB had a good looking face. But then again, if you see my track record, I don’t really like the typical handsome face. But looks don’t matter cause even though you’re hot/handsome, it’s who you are that will start to show later.

But, back to the topic. Ben & Sasha! I hope they get married and have beautiful children! What’s even great is that she has a son! BB wants a kid so bad that he used to claim T as his own. (Lemme clear this up, T is not BB’s son).

I hope they have the furthest career any reality star or import model could have and wish them a happy happy life!

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