I do read my comments and it doesn’t bother me.

Lemme reply to the ones I read today.

1. LV (by Sasha’s “friend” supposedly) – I HATE LV. And yes, my luggage bag is FAKE. SO? What’s your point? Did I say it was real? Remember I don’t front like you dumb bitches. It’s a a travel bag, something I use to throw around and shit, so I don’t really give a fuck it it costs NOTHING instead of paying $1100 for it to get thrashed.

And what the hell are you doing coming to my blog and talking about her. Get a life.

2. GIO – I said what I needed to with him in front of me, and he clearly heard what I said and didn’t say shit. SO STFU and you get a LIFE too!

That’s all I remember. LOL

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