I know I’m fat…

So let's all leave a comment making fun of it.

I haven't worn my rr jeans for a while and I know they were washed last.

That's why I took the picture. To show how fat I was because the marks left from wearing my jeans.

That takes me to another point. I'm sorry I have a blog with random shit. I want to create a separate blog to keep my obsessions in life organized but just think of it as a live feed. Of what's going on in my life.

Especially since I can send an email with pictures straight from my blackberry!

I don't know if I'm early or late in finding out this cool feature, but I fucking love it. Btw it was a several posts ago when I realized. Its documented, don't worry. But fuck you to who never spread the word, and the rest that didn't know, USE IT!!! Its an blog must do!

Its so truthful that I forget what I blog about.


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