> From:
> To: coolest friend!
> Date: Thu, 14 May 2009 17:50:02 -0700
> Subject: Speed Ventures Event Registration Confirmation

> > Greetings Speed Ventures Drivers,

> > Thank you for signing up for our event at Buttonwillow Raceway Park. Please read this email carefully to ensure that the event runs smoothly and to make sure that you do not miss any of your track time.
> > 1). If you are paying by Pay Pal or check, please make sure that your payment is received 2 days after your registration date, or you may lose your reservation. If you are planning to pay at the track, you must get prior approval.
> > 2). Buttonwillow Raceway is located just off Interstate 5 at the Lerdo Hwy exit, which is 10 miles north of the 58/I-5 interchange and 10 miles south of the 46/I-5 interchange. The track is on Lerdo Hwy, ½ mile west of the freeway.
> > 3). The day will run smoothest for you if you show up at the track by 6:50am. Check-in will begin at 7:00am and end at 7:45am. Our drivers meeting will start at 7:50. This meeting is MANDATORY for all drivers unless you have received prior clearance to miss it. Cars typically go on track at 8:30am! PLEASE SHOW UP AT REGISTRATION NO LATER THAN 7:15am if you do not want to potentially miss your first run session of the day. When you arrive at the track, please go straight to registration inside the large building BEFORE unloading your car. Note that there is a $10/person gate fee charged by the track. This fee applies to spectators as well.
> > 4). The event schedule will be provided in the registration packet you’ll receive at check-in.
> > 5). Either TOW HOOKS or some TOW POINT is mandatory before going out on track. The important thing is that you have a place picked out that we can hook on to in order to tow you off track. Please determine an appropriate tow point – it is your responsibility and we will not be responsible for any damage done to your car!
> > 6). CAR NUMBERS are required. We will have tape available at the track for making numbers. Your numbers must be at least 8″ tall, located on both sides and the back of your vehicle. You can make up a 3-digit number – we will notify you if it is in use by another driver at the track.
> > 7). The TECH FORM is a must-have at the event. Be sure to print it out, fill it out before the event, and bring it with you to registration:
> > 8). There is also a track event checklist available if you’re not sure what you should bring:
> > 9). Our HOST HOTEL in Buttonwillow, which we hope you will support, is The Red Roof Inn (661-764-5121), which includes WiFi, Speed Channel, HBO, and other amenities geared towards race car drivers and people who think they’re race car drivers. When you book your room, please state that you are with “SPEED VENTURES” to get your discount. If you have already signed up at the Willow Inn and not mentioned Speed Ventures, please call back, let them know, and get your discount!
> > As always, the FAQ should answer the most commonly-asked questions:>
> > That’s about it. See you bright and early at the track!
> > Aaron Bitterman & the Speed Ventures crew
> 323-461-4795
> > Click the following link:

So above was an email forward from my friend about buttonwillow. So excited for Sunday!

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