# for the bucket!!!!

Last Sunday @ the W hotel a guy passed me a napkin pictured above.

btw, is he giving me his locker combination? why is there a dash between the last 4 digits?

I saw him throughout the night cause his table was next to ours and we met eye contact.

Once he stuck his arm out to cheers his cup with mine as I walked by.

I liked his style but not his lack of confidence. I felt like he was hesitant to approach me sooner (not that I would give into him hitting on me) but a guy shouldn’t sneakingly give me his number behind someone’s back as we’re sitting on the bench booth sitting along the wall.

I didn’t want to call him out on my blog but this was the most interesting number I got recently. The others just have been the same. A plain business card or a number.

This one had a note!

Maybe if he wrote, “I think you’re the hottest girl in the world.” Or that he’s ever seen. But even that wouldn’t make me want to call.

I should really start doing a vlog calling these boys back.

Or if u have any suggestions on what I should do with my collection. Please add your comments!


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