Stray Dog

I guess the pit bull pictured was found on the premise and was brought to the canopy area since he was a stray. They tied it up and people have been petting it all day.

The rib cage is totally visible and the white coat is filthy from the dirt and everyone feels sorry for the dog.

In the picture, the dog is being fed by fat male who seems to be in love with the canine because I heard him say to someone that he wanted to take the dog home but his wife said no.

I don't understand why people are so weak towards stray canines. I understand that it is a living animal and people feel helpless and compassionate towards dogs, but what about homeless people?

I don't see other humans acting that was to homeless humans. There are very few who will take in a homeless person and help them get on their feet (ok only in movies, like Curly Sue). Why do people treat people worse than canines? Is it because people make their own choices and dogs are just left to be homeless?

Whatever it is, I'd much rather help a human than a dog.


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  1. humans have a choice to be homeless! or atleast thats what i believe. and dogs are left homeless .. not on their own will! hahahahaa .. im an animal lover!

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