I think I'm afraid of relationships because I tend to slack in my normal courteous behavior.

I pick up bad habits and cruel tendencies.

I'm assuming its the type of men I'm attracted to. Even though I tell myself I don't want a boyfriend, I'm still not going to pass up on someone that seems worthwhile. Until I find out he's not much different than the loser before. My judgments are way off and I just need to take things slow.

I don't know why I rush my feelings and want to like them so quickly. Things are much better at a consistent rate. Just a little at a time.

I don't know what the correct procedure is in getting to know someone very well and in timely manner. Its all the games I don't like.

Yes or No, simple as that.

I say I don't want a boyfriend to these men, but they don't seem to care.

I like pleasuring myself and not having to deal with a "bf." Well until the right guy comes along 🙂


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