Everyone knows I don't wear makeup except blush. Oh and I have to draw in my eyebrows cause when I was young I plucked a lot off like most girls.

I got my lashes done 2 weeks ago on a thursday and it was already falling off. That's why I've been wearing my fake lashes & eyeliner. I actually do like the look of the fake dramatic lashes cause it makes my face stand out more!

The 1st picture is of my lashes at the end of my 3 weeks. 2nd picture is of my lashes after the prep of my new lashes. 3rd is of my lashes after they're done.

She used a thinner set this time cause she thought it fell off easily cause they were thicker. We'll see.

If you want info on where I get them done, comment!


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  1. i would like more info! where do you go, how much does it cost, and how often do you have to go to get them retouched? i've been wanting to do it for years, but i didn't know anyone that got them done to recommend me a place. thanks!

  2. I love the way they look. I used to get them done, but the touch ups started getting too costly. Also, they started damaging my natural lashes. I stopped and opted for Revitalash! It's great, my lashes are naturally long and thicker too!

  3. I go to Yena "god" @ marquise hair salon! she's amazing and one of the 1st ones to do it in LA. I started about 5 years ago and now I can't live without them. I've been going every 3 weeks for 5 years! No eyeliner needed at all and I just use clear mascara towards the end of my 3 weeks. She's located in ktown and this is the salon's number: 323-735-3441. Tell her Bora referred you. That's my korean name. It's 250 for the 1st time and 75 for refill. I've had to cut costs to afford this so now I do my nails at home. 🙂

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