Piglet ate @ Dong Il Jang

After my lashes I picked up my cousin and cause I was craving Hwe Dup Bap. I didn't want to go eat at a korean restaurant by myself and he was a block away so I dragged him with me!

I couldn't believe they brought out so much ban chan (side dishes) too. I mixed my bowl with the korean traditional red hot sauce (gochu jang). Left out the greens that taste like shit (pictured below) and ate almost everything. In it was sashimi, lettuce, radish sprout looking things, cucumbers, masago (fish eggs), radish and other veggies. I ate all the sashimi (tuna, yellowtail & salmon).

I couldn't believe it was $15.98 though. I was expecting it to be about $10. I left $20 since the service was good and left with a full tummy!

Oh and I can't forget about the korean dessert drink (shik hae) they give also. 🙂


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