Piglet eats a bagel

1 thing I miss about living in LA. Going to the bagel broker every morning and getting a cheddar jalepeno bagel with cream cheese & a perricone juice for the ride to work to dtla.

Well since I woke up in LA today, I decided to stop by and buy $20 worth of bagels & cream cheese for my home in the suburbs. buy a dozen and get 2 free was the special so I decided to get 7 cheddar jalapeno and 7 cheese onion. I bought 2 tubs of cream cheese. One 8 oz tub of cheddar jalapeno and one 8 oz of regular fatty cream cheese.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to eat it all before it starts to mold but I’m an impulse buyer and my impulse said, BUY IT ALL!

I had to get one with cream cheese togo with my juice too!

Good morning world! I love to eat as soon as I wake up!


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