Piglet eats @ Ajisen Ramen

I met my motorcycle buddy today for lunch. We try to make it a weekly thursday thing. He rides to meet me & I come with Bob.

I wanted thai food after I saw my cousin's away message saying that he was having Thai BBQ but my friend doesn't like thai so we had japanese.

Good thing it was ramen cause last night after work I wanted to eat ramen but I resisted cause I didn't want to wake up swollen.

I had the spicy beef & he had the premium pork. It wasn't bad. I never liked eating ramen @ restaurants but there was nothing else on the menu that stood out.

The restaurant was @ the diamond Jamboree plaza. I guess Irvine Company was smart enough to build a modern plaza to attract all the asians to one area to keep them away from the true irvine residents. 🙂

Good day everyone!


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