I got into work and my co-worker was talking to a man with glasses and a goatee. He looked japanese but was definitely korean.

He murmured a lot and when I asked excuse me, he would say that he was just talking to himself.
BUT I’d only ask what he said because I couldn’t believe what he said. (I forgot now, but it was ridiculous.)
He kept asking random questions. How do you make a greyhound? What goes in a rusty nail? Because he didn’t think I’d know.
He also reached over to this flower decoration we have and said, “This can’t be real, (touches it and says) Oh I was wrong.”
Or something like that. But this is after he’s been acting weird for about 25 minutes. (if you’re thinking he can’t be weird, trust me he did a lot of stuff I’m too lazy to write about but even one of the servers and the other bartenders told me they did too.)
So anyway, I basically told him, Why are you wrong if you weren’t believing it anyways. You made a statement implying that is wasn’t real, but you state that you were wrong?
I don’t know why but I wanted him to know I was smart. lol (not that that statement makes me smart but sounds like I’m paying attention to the crap he’s saying.)
I ignored him the rest of the night and he eventually left.
I hope he NEVER comes back again!

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