Worth the Buck?

Well $300 bucks that is. And throw in a few $55 bucks for each makeup class.

My acting classes have been getting more enjoyable.
I do feel like I’m learning something. Whereas to before, I thought I could just have it on naturally.
The classes are making me feel more comfortable and allowing me to recognize the boundaries of my emotions.
What’s weird is that when your acting natural, that’s when you’re not doing enough. Great facial expressions is what is needed. I’d like to think that I’m over reacting some times.
Maybe the natural ability is there but being able to perform in front of people is the fear. (woah that rhymed.) In that case, the class is perfect for what I need.
A fellow actor I met recently through a friend happens to attend the same conservatory. He did tell me that it helps with the fear of “acting” in front of people.
(I didn’t get the part for the motorcycle)
The recent spec commercial I did for made me realize that I can be over the top.
I can also understand why the school tells us how it can make us better writers. We have to come up with different scenarios of why we are feeling the way we’re feeling.
I never loved doing something so much that I’m actually spending time working on it.
I confused with something though. Are we suppose to create a character that we want to be in every role we choose. Be myself acting out the lines? Or acting like the character and reading the lines as I would?
Wait, does that sound like the same question? LOL I was in the middle of writing the 2nd question and hesitated in wording it so it doesn’t sound like the same. But I don’t think it does.
I’ve gone on tangent, so I’ll go for now.

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