3 most important factors in relationships

1. Trust
2. Communication
3. Sex

Not in any order.

I need to be able to trust my man and know that he trusts me. Why would I want to be with someone if I had to worry about what he was doing when he's out while I'm working. I don't want to be in a hs relationship and question every move and become the possessive/obsessive gf.

Communication is key. If I don't feel comfortable telling my bf how I feel (of course @ the right time, & not in front of his friends) and vice versa, why even be in a relationship. If something bothers me (non superficial) I'm gonna let you know. If you and I can't compromise and come to an understanding, get out of my life!

Sex is equally as important. Communication in sex is important too! Sex needs to be adventurous and exciting. You tell me what you want and I'll attempt to do it.

All in all with those 3 qualities any 2 people can have a healthy relationship!


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