Today is a slow night. I had 4 groups.
1st- my hubby who came for dinner
2nd- D (who I had lunch with earlier today for his belated birthday) & 2 of his friends.
3rd- 2 guys in their late 30's (cousins)
4th- 3 non-asian guys

The little rose I have the picture attached to this post is from the 3rd group.

So here's the story. I admit, I looked really cute today (got compliments from several people during the day). I knew immediately that they were dying to have a conversation with me. But the bar was full and I had to attend to everyone else and when I finally got to them, the better looking one of the two (but not even decent looking, the other was chubby) started asking me questions. How old are you? Do you have a bf? What's your blood type? (Korean thing) When's your birthday?

Anywho after our conversation he asked why I didn't want a bf.

Because I tell ALL guys I don't want one, I told him the same thing. I did tell him I did meet someone and was dating him as I smiled cheesing. (He makes me smile and have been since Monday). He kept asking how serious it was. I told him that I just met the guy and I liked him but it wasn't anything serious because I was only hanging out with him to fill my free time.

He then asked me if he could be the guy that I spend time with to fill my free time. I regretted saying what I did because now he thought he had a chance. He kept pushing me to think about going out with him and I told him that I was NOT interested because even though it hadn't gotten to anything serious, I liked him and felt dishonest in making friends with a new guy that had other intentions.

The next 2 hours he kept insisting that we should hang out and that the guy I'm dating would never find out. What a fucking douchebag!

The funny part is, they both kept trying to get me to go out with them.

The persistent one went to the bathroom and the chubby one asked for my #. – told him I didn't give my # out and he gave me his card.

A bit later the chubby one left to the bathroom and the persistent one asked for my # and I told him the same thing. I of course had to ask for his so I can drop the # into my bucket later!

When I got him the piece of paper he didn't write his name so when I asked he got really offended because I didn't remember. He asked if I remember the chubby guys and I did, ONLY cause I saw his business card like 15 minutes prior to that. Then he got even more pissed and asked how I remembered the chubby guy's name. So I wanted to call him out and told the chubby guy to tell the persistent one how I knew his #. The chubby douchebag didn't say shit. What a fucking bastard! Guys are fucking stupid.

All in all, I got a $20 tip from a $50 tab. 🙂

I'll buy lunch for the guy I'm dating with that money 😉

They left and the persistent one made me that rose with a napkin. Into the trash it goes!

Basically my point for this post. Guys are all jerks and stupid! They are so conniving and has no loyalty, even to their family members!

I know some of you may hate that I have stupid posts about my daily happenings but remember this is all for pure enjoyment.

I get hit on way too much by desperate guys not to blog about it.

And I only blog about it cause its funny and NOT because I think I'm all that I want to show off.

Have a great night!


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