My new rubber player watch in purple by NIXON

I met my friend @ the spectrum who was looking @ trims for his work (Famous Stars & Straps).
He happen to see that I was in Irvine and bbm-ed me to meet up. I walked thru the stores with him and the last store was Tilly’s.
He wanted to see a watch in the case and I went along with him and the sales guy. i already assumed that I wouldn’t like the watch until I saw that he was looking @ the purple watch.
I immediately fell in love. I never heard of the brand Nixon and was hesitant to really like it
but i couldn’t help it. It was only $150 and I was more inclined to liking it because I work with liquids and I’m sick of getting my leather band wet. And when or if I do go down on my bike I don’t want to mess up my nice Cartier.

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