Mystery Man

I haven’t dedicated a post about a specific guy before. I’ve just shared very little info about any man.

Well, this one is special because I didn’t get sick of him after 1 date. Usually I feel forced or even obligated to hang out with a guy because they are so persistent. Well no more of that!

He’s not as tall as I’d like him to be. I prefer 6′ or taller but he’s just a few inches short. I’m compromising. My point is, I don’t care about the superficial expectations I’ve compiled within the past year I’ve been single. (Yes, past tense) I am now exclusively dating him.

Every time I think about him or look @ his picture I get the biggest smile on my face.

Physically there is nothing that turns me off about him. His face is makes my mouth water and his body…. Well he’s in great shape. Not too buff but toned and potential for cutness.

He is very physically active and I love that about him. His career is a sport so he’s always working out too.

I love his smile. He has perfect teeth and all the features on his face is proportional.

His style is decent. It doesn’t bother me that much but I can straighten him up a little. If it lasts that is. Wouldn’t want to invest my styling if he’s not gonna be around. But I hope he does.

He is Korean and speaks the language fluently. He is the perfect mix of Korean American.

Another thing I love about him is the fact that I don’t know ANY of his friends. Lol

I don’t know how all this happened between him & I but timing was perfect.

There have been so many guys that tried to pursue me within the last month but he was the chosen one.

With my busy schedule and his opposite schedule it’s been hard to hang out and go on an official date, whatever that is. But I don’t mind. I don’t mind what we do as long as I’m with him. I don’t care about nice restaurants or going to places like the Grove.

We’ve went to the golf range together and that was fun.

I’ve NEVER felt this way about a boy in a LONG time. Since my last exer and I first dated, which was the end of 2005.

I just hope that it works out and doesn’t end up being another notch on my bedpost.

I miss him the second we separate.

More to come later~


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