Wiser with Age

I'm noticing that I am getting wiser with age. I know this is something that everyone was aware of. But I can finally agree with the elders that tried to give me advice.

I now know what is important and how I can use my experiences to make wiser choices in life.

Right now the biggest thing in my life is my new relationship and I've never felt so comfortable with myself to feel so comfortable with the guy I'm with. My expectations are completely different from 2 years ago. I used to never want to pay for anything when I was with a guy and never wanted to sacrifice anything for any man.

I appreciate the important qualities in a relationship now. My top 3 important factors?

1. Communication

2. Trust

3. Sex

I value communication the most because without it, the relationship would be dead. I want to be with someone who isn't afraid to speak their mind and is able to tell me how they feel regarding anything.

Also with age, I noticed I'm not a jealous person anymore. I always said, I react to your actions and if you weren't doing anything to make me feel jealous, I wouldn't get jealous, but I realized it was a trait I carried as well.

Now that I'm older & more confident with myself, I am able to put all the obsessive & jealousy traits aside.

More later… Gotta run!


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