We as humans always have a hard time comparing our feelings from current relationship to past relationships.

The birds are singing and the day looks so much more beautiful than it ever did.

We feel the butterflies fluttering in our stomachs and is so sure that we’ve NEVER felt this way about anyone else EVER.

We try to think back and compare how we felt about our previous bfs/gfs when we 1st started dating, but its hard. So hard that we can’t imagine ever liking someone the same way.

Well, let’s put the thinking back to rest because we like the opposite sex (or the same sex) for different reasons. Maybe the feelings are the same, but we want to believe that what we feel with this person right now is more special than anything else.

Its like my theory on general things. There’s good and bad. The levels of good is 1 and the levels of bad is 1. Anything that’s not bad is categorized in good and we have to be thankful that it is. Anything not good is bad and we never want to experience it again, whether it be food, drugs or people.

Of course to generalize good isn’t good. Because there’s great, excellent and perfect. But that’s thinking too hard. To feel good about something or someone is good enough and the more we try to look into, the more doubts we’ll end up having later.

If its going good, let’s just let it ride and not think about comparing it to anything else.

Happiness is all we need. I’ve been happy the last year without a boyfriend and now I’m happy with a boyfriend.

Is this something I was expecting? No. I thought I would be miserable with a bf because of the traumatic experience I had with an older guy who tried to “guide” (control) my life. I understand it is in the man’s nature to want to tell the women what to do, but sometimes things will go much smoother if the men just let the women be and that goes for women too. we should be with our significant other to balance each other out and compliment one another. When in a relationship and you have the urge to change the other person, run! You should never want to change the person you’re with because you like then for who they are and what they bring to the table.

I’m not getting any younger and I did say that I didn’t want to get married, but having a bf now, I can’t help but date someone who I’ve thought about marriage with. Yes this is all too soon to talk about wedding bells, but as a woman, I can’t help but not NOT think of this. I don’t want to waste time with someone who isn’t going to be serious or waste their time even.

Please people, let’s not jump to conclusions and start gossiping (you know who you are) I’m not going to marry my bf, but no one knows. I’m just stating that we have an understanding and we are not looking for a couple month fling.

I NEVER thought I would have a boyfriend let alone 3 jobs and a son, but you never know what the world will throw at you. I look @ everything in a positive way and just focus on what’s important in my life.

After my last exer I wanted someone better, of course that wouldn’t be hard because ANYONE would be better than him but in a sense I didn’t want to date a nobody.

With my career heading the way I want I thought I would want to be with a “bigger” person but I now realize its not their image I should worry about but them as a person and how they are to me.

I’m not saying my exer is a horrible person granite he submitted those photos to RL but I’m sure he had his reasons. He and I just weren’t gonna get along as life partners. his fault was his selfishness and his lack of showing how he cared. I can’t hold that against him because it was the way he was raised and what he chose to surround himself with.

I on the other hand need to feel the reciprocation from my partner. Mutual respect and honor and love.

I want to have a best friend for the rest of my life and feel secure that he isn’t looking for anyone else. There are many many women in this world and even more beautiful ones but looks aren’t everything. Its finding the puzzle piece that’s been missing to complete you. And even if you can’t find one right away, there’s one that matches you out there. I’ve realized never to give up and look on the brighter side of things, imaginatively and realistically. Sounds difficult but much easier than it sounds.

Effort and recognition from each other and acknowledgment is crucial.

I don’t know what the world has in store for my life but I’m just riding the current and not fighting it.

Cheers to a happy life, with or without a life partner.

If you’re not happy with yourself, you’ll NEVER be happy with someone else.

Am I happy? Can I be happier with my life? The questions that can’t be answered right now because it all depends on my career.


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  1. good post! it's not crazy to think about marriage. if you can't see yourself marrying someone don't date them. if u can, then there is potential……Theres always gonna be someone with more money and someone better looking, but it comes down to who you CHOOSE to share your life with. If u choose someone for $ or looks, WTF is that? not love. Just like u said 'image' is not important. those things dont and will never make a person better than someone else. and it wont make or keep u happy either. good luck to u!

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