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Why is America where it is now?

The media is so focused on the Entertainment side of things that they put a negative outlook on the society.

We as Americans do not need to know what goes on in the Hollywood people's lives. Yes, we are fascinated by how these people live and do things but their lifestyle isn't realistic and it gives us the impression that how they live is how we should live. Living beyond our means and carelessly dating and marrying for the sake of instant gratification.

Yes, I was brainwashed into what the media wanted me to see. There was a period in my life where I looked forward to my US Weekly magazine EVERY week and I wouldn't want to miss an episode of "the Fabulous Life of…" Shows. I couldn't stop imagining how my life would be better with the superficial necessities and wanted more than I could chew. Times have changed and I've grown up.
I also loved all celebrity related reality shows and would dvr all episodes. I felt my life was incomplete without a dosage of how the celebrities lived.

Now I'm lucky if I'm able to watch any television and I have NO interest in what the celebrities are doing. I live my life for me and is content with the non-superficial life.

Yes of course my financial state has changed hence the title "riches to rags & dealing with it.".

I used to get spoiled, hello? I AM the only child! But I have been very humble the last 4 years. Definitely having living on my own and providing for myself & son has helped me appreciate the little things in life.

Of course I want the nice car, designer clothes & accessories but I'm not in any rush to spoil myself, nor do I have the funds to do that.

My goal in life is to make a lot of money and have people around me that I love and that love me for me.

I can honestly say that money makes me happy. Everyone is so insistent on telling me that money does not make people happy, but because of my circumstance of having had money to not, I know 100% money makes me happy. The best part about my greed is that I don't expect ANYONE to provide for me. Goes back to one of the quotes that I live by. "If I can't be dependent than I'd rather be independent.". I know no one will take responsibility for my expectations in life and no modern man will want me to spend his money frivolously so I have taken the initiative and decided that NO MAN deserves to take care of me.

Life is good and I can't wait to see where I am when I'm 30. Hopefully America will change the way they want us to live and start making better decisions in what to air on television.


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