I’m Fat

Yes I know that. Do I try to disguise it? No. So stop making it out to be that I'm in denial.

I think I'm aware of what my body looks like and I'm just thankful that I don't have an ugly face. Yes, girls that have a pretty face and a banging body is a 10 on the scale, but girls that have a pretty face have a little leeway on what their body looks like.

I'm working harder to get my fat belly to what it needs to be for it to be swimsuit ready but I can't help if its not hard enough.

What's more important that a pretty face? A great personality and a positive attitude which I'm trying to be better at. I think I'm pretty "cool" and not so evil.

Of course I sate the facts and keep things real, unlike some people in this world.

I want to have a great relationship with everyone because being a good person on the inside will effect the way I look on the outside.

I forgive and forget easily and I hope the people that choose to stay in my life will understand that and give me the same respect.

If you're laughing @ my expense, you're not my friend. If your hesitant to approach me to get some facts straight, you're not my friend.

My friends should feel 100% comfortable coming to me for any issue or non-issue.

I'm not conceited in any way, I'm just confident in who I am and know that I have something to offer, as a friend or a gf.

I know I'm not ugly and if you think I am, I know you're just hating.

Let's get off the boat of hate and jump on the yacht of love. Wouldn't you rather hang around people that are bigger than the scumbags of the earth?


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