Best Thai Iced Tea Hunt

I have been wanting thai iced tea everyday since last week. I want to find the best one in town. I shall start my hunt soon.

How you ask?

Visit restaurants, boba stores, pho places and wherever else that'll have it and jot down the taste description very specifically.

This will help me with my vocabulary too, guess I gotta take my thesaurus/dictionary with me! Lol

I did this with ham & cheese croissants few years ago. When I wasn't blogging that is.

From the place I was living in LA to my office in DTLA I visited every donut shop to find the best tasting ham & cheese croissant every morning on the way to work.

I ended up loving the place on figueroa call spud donut or donut spud or something. Ill google the info and list it later.

But that was in the radius of my LA resident to my office.

I remember a place next to Cerritos College that offered ham & cheese with jalepeno! Now that was delicious.


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