Riding RAY

I’ve rode Ray to do JIM everytime. I’ve ridden to Cercle 3 times. I’ve ridden to Ziller once.

Each time I ride RAY I get more and more comfortable. Still not confident enough to be careless but comfortable enough to know what my reaction time is.
I remember when I first started switching gears. It was rough and jerky. Now I’m better and is a smooth transition.
I never knew riding could be so fun.
I came home after tennis and brunch today and was bored at home. I hadn’t planned on meeting my boyfriend till later so I decided to go ride around town.
Riding RAY is definitely something I can do when I’m bored. Roaming through the streets with the wind blowing is so enjoyable that I’d rather be wasting gas riding rather than sitting at home on the computer.
I wish I had some friends locally that I could ride with. Everyone I know wants to spend the whole day riding through PCH and I honestly don’t have time for all that. I just wanna do 30 minutes rides locally.
I never thought I would be a biker chick. I thought after learning how to ride, I wouldn’t get the hang of it and RAY would just sit in my garage collecting dust. But I guess it’s like any hobby, after you get used to it, it’s like learning the ABC’s.
I just wish my hand wouldn’t cramp up so much and I wish that other drivers would be more aware of riders.
I’d like to go on freeways whenever I’d like, but my fear is traffic. I haven’t had the courage to split lanes on the freeway yet because I’m scared of the drivers.
I split a lane last night on the way to cercle because I got off Normandie.
And right before Olympic, it goes down hill and I was almost stuck in the intersection. All the cars had stopped at the red light and there was plenty of room between the stopped cars and the parked cars, so I squeezed through without any hesitation.
I still haven’t exited Western. Because the exit is at an uphill and I do not want to be stuck behind cars going uphill. LOL
Well, I gotta get ready not to head to my bf’s. Will update later!

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