Get Over Yourself Because I Already Did

Don't give me reasons or excuses for the way you've been acting.

You aren't anything to me until I say so.

You may think you were special because you assumed I accepted you into my life but acceptance is just the 1st step.

Anyone who wishes to keep a friendship with me must act accordingly. The way you have treated our "friendship" has been like how a rich housewife treats her housekeeper. Blaming them when things go wrong and only being nice to get something in return.

To acknowledge you on the streets is a disgrace, if you see me please walk the other way, don't acknowledge my presence and I will do the same.

Your lack of trust was non-existent to begin with. You only wanted me in your life to cling onto something you thought was better than you, but one day you came to the crazy conclusion that you were better than me. Please look in the mirror and rethink your thoughts.

The moment you know you're better than somebody is when you don't need anyone around you.


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