Trabajo Nuevo

I start training for my new job on tuesday!!!

I'm a bit bummed because I got booked for this miller lite print job for tuesday. 🙁

But I'd rather clock in hours than spend 8 hours on set and get paid $75.00.

So my new schedule will be:
Monday: 10am-5pm
Tuesday: 10am-6pm
Wednesday: 10am-1pm
Thursday: 10am-6pm.

The only issue I have is that I have to be in class in Santa Monica on Tuesdays @ 7pm.

*note to self* contact bb studio and inform them that I have to be a little late that day.

I'm excited for my 3rd new job and I've waited a long time for a 3rd job to finally come through!!

I'm excited to be making for money and I hope the drive to Irvine doesn't tire me out.

So whoever's in IRVINE, let's have lunch!!!! 😀


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