Birthday Gifts!?

So my bf asked what I wanted for my birthday.

(We haven't been together long so I don't want anything from him)

I just told him he couldn't afford what I wanted.

I have NO idea what I want. I haven't even thought about it!

I didn't want to avoid this topic because I didn't want my bf or anyone else reading my blog assuming that I'm hinting to them what I want.

I really don't want anything from anyone. Just buy me dinner or lunch or ice cream! Just spend time with me!

I always choose my gifts according to things I need so here's a list I just compiled while sitting in class cause class is moving oh so slow.

Ranges from cheap to expensive. No particular order:

1. Goyard Purse (white)

2. New running shoes (cause I found a hole!)

3. New red watch strap

4. New helmet for Ray

5. New sandals (chanel or gucci or louis)

6. New sneakers (chanel or gucci or louis)

7. New black pumps (saw a pair @ louis)

Fyi: not to be a brand whore but I like my everyday wear (sneakers/sandals) to be brand name cause they last a long time!!!!

5: I found my gucci sandals worn out! Have had them forever!

6: I found my gucci sneakers which I've had for 5 years now ripping recently! That's why!

7: black pumps, I ruined my sergio rossi ones from going out too much and had to chuck it!

Anywho back to the list

8. Exhaust for Ray

9. Yoga membership!

10. Crumbs cupcakes!

Can't think of any more. Will be continued.


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