Why SOS? cause that’s what my phone says in the network section.

I love everything about my new job minus the fact that I have NO reception in the office.

I don’t mind not having to use the internet on the cpu but without my bbb working, what is a girl to do?

The Dr. said I could bring my laptop to use the net but I have so much other crap to bring with me when I come to Irvine.

This morning I couldn’t wake up to go do JIM in the am so I just slept in til 9am and came to the office @ 10am.

I rode Ray with my backpack full of JIM clothes and work clothes for after Irvine.

I hate carrying a backpack while riding.

Surprisingly there was NO traffic on any of the fwys. I took the 605 to the 405 and it was clear as if it were Sunday.

The doctor isn’t in the office on Mondays and Wednesdays so I’m just basically here to answer any calls for appointments and to confirm appointments for next day.

I need my BBM to work! How am I suppose to chat with my bf all day?

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