1 month down

Forever to go….

My bf surprised me @ work today. It was 9pm when I got his last bbm and customers walked in. It wasn't til 945pm I checked my phone again.

He was pinging me to but my phone was charging in the corner.

As soon as I got the message telling me to come out, I went outside to find him.

He brought a single rose and the cutest card!!!

It says on the front "everyday I love you just a little bit more" and on the inside it says "and today already feels like the day after tomorrow!"

Isn't that the cutest!

And of course he wrote something too!

First of all, I'm impressed that he picked out a special card, because I'm a card picker too!

For birthdays or any time I'm picking a card, I stand there looking for the perfect card for the person.

I told him earlier in the day happy 1 month but way later in the day cause I didn't want to be cheesy, I'm not the type to celebrate each month or what not. But the fact that he surprised me at work, I didn't think he was that sentimental. 🙂

I'm so blushing right now. I felt bad cause I was working by myself and I had to rush back in. 🙁

I don't know how I'm gonna take the rose home cause I rode ray today. If I put it in my backpack, its gonna get squished!

I'm so happy right now!


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